Investing in custom software

6 Benefits of Investing in Custom Software

Every business is unique and has specific problems that they would like to overcome. It’s not to say that many of these problems can’t be fixed by off-the-shelf solutions, but it’s unlikely that you’ll come across a piece of ready-made software that 100% suits your business.

As an alternative, investing in custom software is something that doesn’t come with many (if any) cons. Sure, the upfront costs of off-the-shelf software may seem more tempting to some start-ups who are low on capital, or to business owners looking for low cost solutions, but it certainly isn’t the best choice in most circumstances. Read more

homepage mistakes

9 Mistakes You Might Be Making on Your Homepage

It’s likely that the page on your site with the most visits is the homepage – so it’s pretty important that you make sure that it presents an accurate representation of your business.

If you find that most people get to your homepage and don’t get much further, you could be committing one of these website crimes. Read more

Increase Traffic

10 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

If you’re aware of how important your business website is, one of your ongoing goals will be to increase traffic to your website.

There are multiple ways you can achieve this – some are quick solutions, and others will take some time and patience before you start to see results. But both long-term and short-term approaches to increasing traffic are important, so ideally, you should be implementing a variety of strategies on this list. Read more