Adobe XD

Adobe XD: A New Experience in User Experience

We’re always on the lookout for new technologies at Stellasoft, usually from companies that live and breathe tech, just like we do! We put a large amount of effort into finding tools that enable a better user experience and more extensive collaborations with our ever-expanding client base.

Enter Adobe XD – a new tool from an industry juggernaut that has already considerably developed our ability to create a great user experience. We have been investigating the way in which we could use XD to compliment our favourite wireframing tools in order to further enhance our visual understanding of what a new site, application or mobile solution will look like in it’s embryonic stages. Having had brilliant customer and user feedback already, our projects can only get better from here!

“I have been using Photoshop to create websites for 15 years and have been looking for an alternative for a few years but nothing has stuck. I have started switching to XD for more and more of my projects because I can easily collaborate with my team and clients using the ‘share online’ feature. Being able to create multiple art boards and use transitions to walk a client through the website is also incredibly useful and is something that wasn’t possible with Photoshop. XD is currently still in preview mode and I will be eagerly following its progress as it evolves.” – Matt, Senior Web Designer

Picture Credit: Adobe