Joining Stellasoft: Hitting the Ground Running

Hi, I’m Meg, and I have just joined Stellasoft in no ordinary way – I signed my contract online! As far as first impressions go, Stellasoft make a good one. If it weren’t for my loyalty to notepads, the office would be almost entirely paperless, which, especially for a tech company, is certainly an efficient way to run an office and leaves me wondering why on earth other companies would do things differently. (Why are paper contracts still a thing?)

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Stellasoft Meets The Challenger Burger

We’re not just a friendly chatty bunch, we can also handle our food! The stellasoft team decided to roll out to the Cross Keys in Rode to have yet another almighty challenger burger, this isn’t your average burger. This burger came as a struggle even to our food loving developers, and they have conquered a range of different challenges in their time, even a 20oz steak on a Thursday night along with a couple of pints.. now that’s an achievement right?

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Zoholics Conference London Event

Stellasoft go to the Zoholics London Event – 5th March

On the 5th of March the Frome web design team went big and visited a conference event in London hosted by Zoho and their supporting partners. Over the past 6 months the team have had many discussions in regards to the Zoho applications which we use to log leads, keep track of bugs, and to provide a reliable support ticket system to our clients – we knew there was much more to learn, and the possibilities behind these apps are endless.

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