Bristol is officially the best place to live in the UK!​

We always knew it, but now it’s official – Bristol is the UK’s most desirable location to live in the Sunday Times Best Places to Live Guide.

We can certainly vouch for this, having had countless team evenings out in Bristol, taking full advantage of all the fun and culture that is on offer. Two weeks ago, for example, we went to Locked in a Room (which we highly recommend)! Lots of our valued clients are located in Bristol, which means we get to travel there on a regular basis (not that you need an excuse).

With the amount of events that are on, day in, day out, Bristol really is a hub of creativity and passion – which is why we love living so close. With venues like the O2 Academy, Thekla, and the Colston Hall, there’s no way you could be bored there. So why wouldn’t it be the best place to live?

On top of this, Frome has been named the best place to live in the South West! It’s great that our town is getting the recognition it deserves and we’re proud to say that many of the businesses that are thriving here are clients of ours. Looks like we picked a great spot to set up shop!


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