Managing Multiple Projects with Dapulse

An organised and efficent Project Management system is essential for any digital agency – we keep on top of managing multiple projects with dapulse.

Visually Excellent

Our top priority has always been to be able to work on our many different projects simultaneously without compromising on quality. We needed to put clear systems in place that would allow us to work through projects seamlessly, from the brief, to deployment. Visually, dapulse is excellent for this. Colour-coded status bars let us know at a glance what is ‘planned’, ‘in progress’ or ‘done’ every step of the way – being able to change a task’s status to green for ‘done’ soon becomes an addiction that motivates the whole team to be extra productive!

Dapulse Board for Project Management.

Easy Collaboration & Communication

Something we value hugely here at Stellasoft is teamwork. The nature of the projects we work on require the input of team members from various different departments – dapulse also helps with this. We can have a large number of boards that different people can be assigned to and collaborate on, so we only have to focus on what we’re working on. This also means that we receive accountability and recognition for the work we have to do or have done, as well as having obvious go-to people for questions related to a certain task within a project.

Team communication also becomes simple with dapulse. It has an efficient system that is not unlike that of Facebook: we can comment on and like other member’s updates, as well as tag other people. Long email threads have, therefore, become a thing of the past for us – when we want a different member of our team to know something about a certain task, our comment is kept to that one task so that everyone remains focused and our comments remain relevant.

No Missing Out

Missing out on meetings also isn’t as much of a worry. If someone can’t make it, they will have all the updates that were made in dapulse during the meeting waiting for them when they next log in. It’s handy ‘Inbox’ lets you review any changes that have been made and tick them off once you have addressed them. Searching is made easy too – we can search a board for a certain row, column or keyword instantly, as well as being able to see everything we’re working on at the moment in one place.

An Agile Approach

We take the Agile approach to managing projects – Agile project management is an iterative approach to planning and guiding project processes. Dapulse supports this approach particularly well thanks to its tasking system.

“The beauty of dapulse is that we can allocate a sprint board to a client, and create a task backlog (a list of tasks that need to happen to complete the project). Working with the client, we are able to prioritise these tasks into bi-weekly Sprints, thus enabling the client to be fully aware of what we are working on and give their opinion on future sprints.” – Ade, Programme Manager

The Bottom Line

We’ve found that Project Management has gone from being a time-consuming chore to a simple and even enjoyable part of our day. The way in which everyone on the team can contribute and easily update others on their progress has meant that we can work on multiple projects without the stress and without compromising on the quality service that we are so proud of delivering.

Dapulse Project Management

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