Deploybot: Helping to Form an Effective and Efficient Deployment Process

When it comes to building and developing websites, having a system of deployment that is simple and efficient is hugely important – we use Deploybot because it provides us with that and more.

Deploybot is a tool that automatically deploys code based on version control and makes our life much easier by enabling us to roll back to previous versions at the click of a button. It’s based on the concept of different environments – we can construct separate environments that determine where our deployments end up. For example, we have a development environment that brings together everyone’s local work, a staging environment to show the client our progress, and a production environment for when the site goes live. We can control who can access the various environments in order to organise who will be contributing and where.

Our deployment time is greatly shortened by a feature of Deploybot that allows us to move only the changed files, as opposed to having to deploy all the files for one environment at once. On top of this, we can spend less time worrying about sites being up and running, as Deploybot ensures that there is no downtime while we are updating. It does this by preventing the release if tests fail and continuing to run with our existing code. As a result, efficiency within our deployment process has rocketed.

Another nifty feature that we have discovered to be useful is Deploybot’s progress logging – it allows us to easily monitor the progress of deployments and compare the performance of different releases. deploybot-logo

“Thanks to features in Deploybot, such as environment management, we are quickly learning what works and what doesn’t. This inevitably improves the speed with which we can get the job done with each new project. As we streamline this process and start to get websites live in shorter periods of time, we can start to take on more and more projects…which means more happy clients!” – George, Deployment Consultant.

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