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Web Design & Social Media with The Cornerhouse

We have been working with the Cornerhouse Pub in Frome on designing and developing their new website and boosting their social media presence.

The Brief

The team at the Cornerhouse were looking for increased web presence with a new website and social media optimisation. This meant reaching out to new audiences in order to attract more people to their bar and restaurant.

They wanted a website that was responsive across all devices and had multiple pages to showcase their hotel, bar and restaurant, but retained a low loading time. With menus and availability being updated frequently, they also needed a website that would be easy to edit in the future without too much technical knowledge.

On social media, the Cornerhouse team wanted to generate a following of local pub-goers in order to inform the people of Frome and surrounding areas about the various exciting events and gigs that they regularly host.

The Process

We created their new website using WordPress, a community built platform that is supported by millions worldwide. This would give them the ability to easily create and edit content themselves. The design we put together for them was modern and showed off their delicious food and smart hotel rooms – we made sure that the most important details were on the homepage.

Hotel at the Cornerhouse

Having a responsive website across multiple devices is hugely important – especially for a pub which lots of people will be searching for on the go. Our developers ensured that the new design was optimised for all devices and that all pages were easily accessible. Visitors on a pub’s website will be unlikely to spend a large amount of time there, therefore we wanted to make sure that they could access everything they wanted to quickly.

In order to generate a larger following on social media that will generate more traffic to your website, you need great content that will give prospects a reason to visit your site. We set up a blog for the Cornerhouse and our marketing department and content writers kept it up-to-date with information about upcoming events and gigs. We posted these on the Cornerhouse’s social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter along with other relevant posts, in order to engage with potential customers.

The Result

The Cornerhouse enjoyed immediate results after the website went live and we began to publish content on their blog and social media.
Within the first month:

  • The average time visitors spent on their site almost doubled.
  • Site traffic increased by 25%.
  • Page views increased by 40%.
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