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Frome Festival’s Best Year Yet

We have been delighted to have had the chance to work with the fantastic Frome Festival for over 5 years. The festival boasted it’s 15th anniversary this year and we helped to ensure that it was celebrated in style! The introduction of our brand new Frome Festival mobile app proved to be a huge hit, with 350 active visitors viewing the various events thousands of times. The festival enjoyed a huge turnout this year, thanks to an additional feature which allowed visitors to book events via the app for the first time.

In addition to the excitement surrounding the app, the newly-designed Frome Festival website received nearly 35,000 visits in the 2 months leading up to and during the festival. 

“We have really appreciated the expertise and support that we have received from the team at Stellasoft, who built our website five years ago and have continued to develop and improve the service ever since.” – Martin Dimery, Festival Director

The festival itself was definitely a hit – 42 venues across Frome were frequently packed with people watching high profile performances from the likes of Reef, From The Jam, Billy Bragg and many others. The comedy was also brilliant, with well-known comedians, such as Dr. Phil Hammond, having the crowds in stitches. Additionally, there were plenty of free events, exhibitions, workshops, talks and performances available that appealed across all age ranges and tastes, continuing to enhance the stellar reputation of the festival. Most importantly, many of these events were organised and hosted by local groups, venues and individuals – the sense of community pride that was present was truly remarkable. The 2017 Frome Festival has been announced and it will be held on the 7-16th of July – we can’t wait!

If you loved the festival and want to help ensure that it continues to happen every year, please consider becoming a Festival Friend! For as little as £20 a year you can be the first to hear about festival news, enjoy discounted prices and help to make sure that Frome Festival continues to bring a wonderful sense of community and fun to Frome every summer.

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