Handling Requests Using Zoho Support System

As Stellasoft is constantly expanding, we are always looking for ways to increase our productivity. We appreciate, more than anything, the benefits of using technology to aid growth!

 For example, James, in software support, uses Zoho support system in order to handle the large amount of requests we receive from our increasing client base. Any customer request is treated with the respect it deserves, immediately logged on our systems and can be accessed by James and all of our other support staff. If the enquiry requires, for example, a developer’s input, it is automatically routed to the appropriate member of our team. Once the task is completed it can be sent back to James via these systems, creating a loop of activity that greatly improves our overall productivity and client happiness!

We use these systems because we have found that their use results in increased levels of customer satisfaction. The Zoho support system has aided us in addressing over 5000 requests in the last 3 years as efficiently as possible! Therefore, as our client base expands, we have a process in place that ensures that we maintain a streamlined process of handling our customer’s enquiries. 


“Zoho support has been extremely helpful in managing the amount of client requests we receive! The email feature, which is part of the system, has also greatly improved our response time, so our communication with clients has become much more efficient.”         – James, Support Executive