How to Freshen Up Your Brand Image Without a Complete Rebrand

It happens to all of us – we start to notice that our branding is looking a little tired, or we simply get bored of it and feel that everyone else is probably bored of it too. It’s tempting just to scrap your existing brand entirely and build a new one, but this is probably a bad idea, especially if you are a fairly established business.

Customers will be used to your current branding, so it would be wise to stick to the same theme in order to stay recognisable to them. Rebranding can also be a time-consuming and expensive process, which is best to be avoided when it isn’t necessary.

There is a solution to your branding concerns though – you can freshen up your brand image without having to go through the rebranding process. Here’s a few ways to approach this:

Update small branding details

Keep the logo the same, as well as the main colour(s) that customers may use to identify your brand. Focus on smaller, less crucial details that can make a difference to the overall image of the brand. You could, for example, change the font you use on your website or change the theme of your photos.

In the future, if you do decide to go for a complete rebrand, these small changes can help you to identify what works and what doesn’t before you make any major changes.

Change your product packaging

You can reach different types of audiences through your packaging, without having to change too much about your branding. New products can be packaged or marketed in a different way in order to target the audience that you would like to engage.

Test out some new marketing strategies and don’t play it safe. By pushing the boundaries of how your brand operates, you can make it a lot more interesting.

Be consistent

It may feel like your brand isn’t working because you aren’t making it obvious enough. Try creating a branding guide that includes all of the elements that make up your brand (e.g. hex codes, image sizes, photo filters, and fonts). Then consistently use these elements in everything you do – make sure that every time you do anything, your audience knows that it’s your brand talking.

Change the message

You can keep your logo, brand colours, and everything else the same, whilst changing how your brand comes across. You could make the tone of your site content or social media presence more personal and fun, create a new pitch to deliver to clients, or switch up your tagline or mission statement.

Change your approach to social media

Following on from the last point, social media presents an easy opportunity to change the way in which people view your brand. Test out new strategies and marketing campaigns and measure the response you receive from your followers. If you need some inspiration, check out our handy infographic for some help on how to interact with your followers.

Update your website

Your website presents the best way to show people what your company is all about – so make sure that it represents your brand accurately! You know you should include all your brand colours and your logo, but, as we’ve mentioned above, you need to make sure that everything on it remains consistent. Your content should get your brand’s core message across, every image should work with the rest of the site, and the design should grab people’s attention and make it very clear who’s website they’re on.

For some pointers, we’ve created an infographic showing all the features that a successful business website has, or you could check out our blog series on how to improve your website.

We have web designers, developers, and digital marketers that would be happy to help you shake up your brand image. Get in touch to discuss revamping your website’s design, writing some new content, or improving your social media presence.

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