Joining Stellasoft: Hitting the Ground Running

Hi, I’m Meg, and I have just joined Stellasoft in no ordinary way – I signed my contract online! As far as first impressions go, Stellasoft make a good one. If it weren’t for my loyalty to notepads, the office would be almost entirely paperless, which, especially for a tech company, is certainly an efficient way to run an office and leaves me wondering why on earth other companies would do things differently. (Why are paper contracts still a thing?)


Stellasoft maintains a well-established and trusted presence among the IT community and I am really excited to be joining their marketing department. The amount of projects that Stellasoft take on is impressive considering the fact that up to this point they have engaged in a minimal amount of outbound marketing. Word of their skills gets around quickly and is clearly enough to generate a long list of satisfied and loyal clients. When considering the working environment and the way in which Stellasoft employees approach each project they take on, it isn’t hard to see why!

The employees of Stellasoft incorporate the use of technology wherever they can within everyday office life, displaying their evident enthusiasm for all things tech-related. The company’s calendar is on an app, employees communicate with each other via an app, projects are managed on an app and every second of office activity is tracked on, you guessed it, an app. Yet, despite the widespread belief that technology is preventing social interactions in the ‘real world’, this young group of engineers are part of a vibrant and inviting atmosphere that lacks a discernible restrictive hierarchy; constructive discussion flows between every person within the business.

Last Friday, when I came in to meet the team, the topic of discussion was Red Bull’s National 4pm Finish Day. Stellasoft, being ahead of the game, already finish at 4pm on Fridays and can be found enjoying ‘cyderspace’, an hour set aside to hang out and appreciate their own homemade cider! The employees were keen to use the 4pm Finish Day to promote this as an excellent way to finish the week and posted it up on Red Bull’s Facebook page:

The excitement that is present here is instantly contagious; everyone chips in with ideas, hoping to show off the uniqueness of Stellasoft’s lively yet laid back working environment. In this way, even the smallest projects, such as this, are carried out impressively well as they benefit from the input of many intelligent and creative minds. It is a place within which you cannot imagine placing the fate of anything technological in the hands of anyone else. This is the reason I wanted to work here: once I had seen the way in which Stellasoft recruit and work, I could not picture myself working elsewhere.

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