Never a Dull Day at the Office

No day at the office is the same at Stellasoft – just this morning we signed a deal to build a new intranet for a company before most people were even out of bed!

The intranet will give their employees the ability to access their diary, search documents and access contacts from multiple devices …and that’s just the beginning! Their new intranet, that we will create from scratch, will allow staff to apply for holiday, collaborate on documents and communicate with each other online, as well as allocate permission to view various corporate policies and documents. 

This is why we are excited to come into work every morning. We never know what interesting project we could be facing next – it could be anything from creating an app to designing a whole new system of communication! Stellasoft currently have over 300 projects on the go, so there is never a dull day at the office.

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