A Brand New Website for Fastening Solutions UK

We’ve created a new website for the team at Fastening Solutions UK.

The Brief

Fastening Solutions UK provide engineering solutions using threaded brass inserts for plastics and captive fasteners for thin sheet metal. They wanted a brand new website that was modern and clearly showcased their product. They also wanted to increase the traffic to their website through increased search engine ranking.

We have been collaborating with the team at Fastening Solutions for a while, having provided tech support services, including computer repair, and built an application for them. We were confident that we could build an attractive and contemporary website for them that would do their business justice.

The Process

We created their new website using WordPress, which we love because it allows us to build a website which can be added to and edited by the team at Fastening Solutions with ease. A crucial element of the project was creating a seamless UX that allowed easy navigation, which we did by adding an easily accessible search bar and quick product links.

Quick Product Links on Fastening Solution's New Website.

The site was designed using a consistent colour scheme and prominent, high-quality photographs, which gave their website a professional and modern feel while clearly promoting their products.

The Result

Fastening Solutions UK have enjoyed a large increase in the amount of traffic to their website as well as a larger client base as a result. This is thanks to their investment in a modern, reliable and attractive new website that is on the first page of many Google search results.

“Choosing to collaborate with Stellasoft was a great decision on our behalf – everything has been smooth-sailing and we have a fantastic new website to show for it! The service has been outstanding. Even after the website went live, the team at Stellasoft ensured that we were able to update the site ourselves and that that everything was continuing to run as expected. If we ever have issues with anything technical, they are always on hand to help us out.” – Dave Hancock, Fastening Solutions UK


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