Will: Our New Team Leader in Front End Development

It’s always amazing to see people at Stellasoft doing well, which is why we are hugely excited to announce that Will is our new Team Leader in Front End Development!

Will came to Stellasoft after studying Creative Design & Animation at the University of the West of England. Simon was particularly interested in seeing what Will could do upon learning that he specialised in 3D computer software animation! This was in addition to the fact that he is, of course, excellent at coding – he learnt how to code from a young age as his parents were experts within this field. After being initially reluctant to follow in their footsteps (no child wants to turn into their parents!), he embraced his love of web development and decided to lend his expertise to Stellasoft! Will is an expert at using Angular JS – he is currently using it to help us streamline the process of developing large web applications.

During his 3 years at the company, Will has progressed hugely – being immensely passionate about all aspects of technology, he is consistently enhancing his skills, even when we think he couldn’t possibly learn anymore! Because of this, clients frequently recognise Will’s comprehensive skill-set and knowledge base. He has taken on increased responsibility with ease and his natural teaching abilities have meant that a member of his team, Charlie, has enjoyed the most rewarding experience possible at Stellasoft.

 We love having Will around as he is chatty, friendly, and always happy to help people out, so we are thrilled that he continues to enjoy working at Stellasoft!

“I really appreciate the fact that my work challenges me every day. I have always been interested in building things, even if it was just with Lego when I was young! My job allows me to build incredibly complex and creative solutions on various exciting projects – I don’t think I could ever get bored of it!” – Will