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Is Custom Software Expensive?

The short answer here is yes. Great custom software isn’t cheap, although it depends on the company that wants it.

A beautifully designed intranet with lots of features, for example, would probably be way out of budget for a start-up. But, for a larger company, the value would far, far outweigh the costs.

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Instagram: Algorithm Vs Chronological Feeds

Instagram has been on the receiving end of a lot of complaints from social media marketers over the past year. Since it rolled out it’s algorithm-driven feed in 2016, users have been irritated (to say the least) by the appearance of posts from days, and sometimes weeks ago in their feeds, arguing that they aren’t seeing posts from many accounts that they follow and that it’s harder to increase engagement.

In an attempt to address these complaints, Instagram recently announced that it would begin to push newer posts to the top of people’s feeds. It isn’t the complete 180° back to chronological feeds that many users were hoping for, but it’s enough to stir up some excitement around the prospect of a return to chronological feeds in the future.

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Investing in custom software

6 Benefits of Investing in Custom Software

Every business is unique and has specific problems that they would like to overcome. It’s not to say that many of these problems can’t be fixed by off-the-shelf solutions, but it’s unlikely that you’ll come across a piece of ready-made software that 100% suits your business.

As an alternative, investing in custom software is something that doesn’t come with many (if any) cons. Sure, the upfront costs of off-the-shelf software may seem more tempting to some start-ups who are low on capital, or to business owners looking for low cost solutions, but it certainly isn’t the best choice in most circumstances. Read more