Investing in custom software

6 Benefits of Investing in Custom Software

Every business is unique and has specific problems that they would like to overcome. It’s not to say that many of these problems can’t be fixed by off-the-shelf solutions, but it’s unlikely that you’ll come across a piece of ready-made software that 100% suits your business.

As an alternative, investing in custom software is something that doesn’t come with many (if any) cons. Sure, the upfront costs of off-the-shelf software may seem more tempting to some start-ups who are low on capital, or to business owners looking for low cost solutions, but it certainly isn’t the best choice in most circumstances. Read more


How to Freshen Up Your Brand Image Without a Complete Rebrand

It happens to all of us – we start to notice that our branding is looking a little tired, or we simply get bored of it and feel that everyone else is probably bored of it too. It’s tempting just to scrap your existing brand entirely and build a new one, but this is probably a bad idea, especially if you are a fairly established business.

Customers will be used to your current branding, so it would be wise to stick to the same theme in order to stay recognisable to them. Rebranding can also be a time-consuming and expensive process, which is best to be avoided when it isn’t necessary.

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Productive Work Space

Getting Organised: 7 Steps to Creating a Productive Work Space

Most of us our guilty of letting a load of unnecessary junk pile up on our desks – we all know that it isn’t productive, but the task of getting organised can seem so daunting.

Well today is the day – time to pull ourselves together and be the productive workers we know we can be! Assuming you’ve just cheered in agreement, here’s a checklist to help you through it.

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