Who was involved?


Designer & Developer

Batterham Smiths Architects

Batterham Smiths Architects in bath were looking for a fresh website design, a design which could represent them as architects online, an environment which could easily be accessed by staff and their users. The client wanted the ability to create pages, add content and manage the site without any technical knowledge of code. We knew this was a WordPress job, a community built platform supported by millions worldwide. WordPress is full of customisation, plugins can be installed by a click of a button, pages can be created by a click of a button. This will give Babylon the customisation they need to take the site forward.

We delivered a website design which was accessible to users on a wide range of devices, the amount of students using their mobile to browse the web has been on an increase over the last year, Google are now focusing primarily on ‘mobile-friendly’ website, we knew this was a ‘must have’ feature for the site. The design itself was focused primarily on user interface and experience, having yet a clean design with a simple navigation is a critical element to ensure their users can use the site without any issues.