Who was involved?


Designer & Developer

Fastening Solutions UK

The team at Fastening Solutions UK were looking for a new stylish website design which correctly promoted their brand, and was optimised for the search engines to ensure a high ranking for the services they offer.

We came up with a reliable website design, which was not only stylish but a site built for the search engines. We integrated Google friendly elements, optimised to primarily target the key services offered. The team created the site using a CMS which goes by the name of WordPress, which is supported by millions of users – this CMS will offer FSUK the flexibility they deserve, setup for the client to add pages and edit content with ease, a design which correctly represented their brand.


    • Develop a brochure website to display company information, along with product pages.
    • Create a seamless user experience with an easy navigation and stylish design.
    • To create a search engine friendly website, with the intention to maintain a high ranking.
    • Easily editable, allowing the user to create pages and add content with ease.