Albright and Shiny have a Squeaky Clean New Website

Jim Waugh and his team at Albright and Shiny have been long-term clients of ours and we were happy to create a new website for them in order to generate more business.

“We approached Stellasoft to design a new website for us and help to launch our marketing engine. The website has been hugely successful – its creation was combined with an affordable range of integrated search engine optimisation techniques and social media programmes which ensured that our website received a large influx of visitors.”

Albright and Shiny offer a wide range of window cleaning services, including conservatories, gutters and solar panels. Their services are particularly reputable because they use ‘ultra clean water’. This means that they filter out all the impurities in order to ensure that the glass dries spotless. On top of this, their prices start from as low as £5. They have a long list of satisfied customers which is evident from the stellar reviews on their website. They were very aware that in order to promote their business, they needed an excellent website to reflect their excellent services.

“Although promotion using a good website is crucial for any business, we were also very aware of managing our cashflow – but after seeing the resulting business that our excellent new website has generated, we shouldn’t have been worried at all! Our returns have greatly exceeded the amount we spent on producing the website so we are thrilled. If you are considering getting a new website that will attract more prospects then we would certainly recommend that you arrange a meeting with the team at Stellasoft.”


Stellasoft has been able to consistently generate qualified leads for Albright and Shiny with their new website…and that’s always the bottom lineWindowCleanersFrome


Thanks to members of our Stellasoft team for working so hard on this project:

Matt – Senior Web Designer

George – Deployment Consultant

Scott – Web Developer

James – Search Engine Optimisation

Megan – Social Media Optimisation

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