Make Your Site Easy to Navigate

Stellasoft has created 9 steps that will help you improve your website. The second step towards having a website which is more likely to convert prospects into clients is making your website easy to navigate.

If it’s difficult for a prospect to find what they’re looking for, they just won’t bother. If you set your site up in a way that guides people to content that they will be interested in, they are more likely to stick around and potentially consider buying your products/services.



This is the 2nd step in the Improve Your Website series.

Look out for more useful info from the the Stellasoft advice channels:

  1. Design for your audience.
  2. Make your site easy to navigate.
  3. Optimise your website for mobile traffic.
  4. Make sure your site loads quickly.
  5. Create interesting content.
  6. Drive search traffic organically.
  7. Collect email addresses.
  8. Interact with your visitors on social media.
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