Automated Testing and Deployment with CircleCI

Whether deploying new enterprise websites or complex applications for our clients, we need to ensure everything runs smoothly, quickly and correctly.

Over the years we have developed a sophisticated stack of tools and techniques that allows everyone at Stellasoft to work in harmony and exceed expectations when it really matters – when the project goes live!

Most recently we have enhanced our core armoury of tools with the inclusion of CircleCI, a system that allows us to run continuous E2E (End 2 End) and Unit tests, to our testing suite. By developing test scripts that run alongside development itself, even when we’re not around, the team can focus on the logistics of deployment itself.
We have also successfully integrated DeployBot into this environment, which allows us to ensure that all components of the project (Code and Data) get to their end destination in sync with the rest of the process.

Our SysOp Administrator, Jim, chief architect of these solutions, knows this has really allowed us to make a leap forward.

“We now have essentially 100% reliability in the deployment process, the key has been automating wherever possible and ensuring the team have constant feedback on the process. This has made for one happy development team!” – Jim, SysOp Administrator