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9 Steps Towards Improving Your Website

Your website is probably the most important tool you can use to help you gain clients – that’s where prospects will hang out to see if they want to get engaged.

Is your website attracting enough prospects? Are these prospects converting into customers? If not, you might need to think about transforming your website – here’s 9 valuable steps that will increase visitors to your website, that you can then start to interact with…and who knows what will happen then!

improving-websi_15472166_91a5fe25d723985d059687f26ede81edd9064de2Look out for more useful info from the the Stellasoft advice channels in the future:

  1. Design for your audience.
  2. Make your site easy to navigate.
  3. Optimise your website for mobile traffic.
  4. Make sure your site loads quickly.
  5. Create interesting content.
  6. Drive search traffic organically.
  7. Collect email addresses.
  8. Interact with your visitors on social media.
  9. Check your analytics.
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