James Challenger

James: Our New Support Executive

During his 3 and a half years here, we are yet to find a problem that James can’t solve or a client he can’t help.

First and foremost, he takes care of monitoring and managing our client base on a day-to-day basis – any tech-related questions that our clients have are run by him. Thanks to his organisational skills and dedication to ensuring that our clients are happy, we rarely encounter issues, and if we do, he catches them long before they cause us any trouble!

James ensures that not only our Support Department and client’s projects are running smoothly, but the rest of the office is too. With his expert knowledge of system installation and configuration, we can rest assured that all the technology in our office will perform at optimum levels.

“I am definitely in the right job – I enjoy the variation it involves. Most of our clients work in entirely different areas, from farming to clothing. This means I am consistently learning new things and working on different tasks which keeps me happy – and knowing that our clients are happy too is certainly a bonus!” – James, Support Executive

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