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Collecting Email Addresses and Attracting Subscribers

Stellasoft has created 9 steps that will help you to improve your website. The 7th step will highlight the importance of collecting email addresses and attracting subscribers.

Having an email newsletter is an excellent way of driving visitors back to your website – if you fill them with interesting and varied content, you can draw subscribers into the sales process. But first you need to collect email addresses to send them to!

Below, we have outlined some ways in which you could collect the email addresses of prospects, and what to do (and what not to do) once you have them.

Collect Email Addresses Infographic

This is the 7th step in the Improve Your Website series.

Look out for more useful info from the the Stellasoft advice channels in the future:

  1. Design for your audience.
  2. Make your site easy to navigate.
  3. Optimise your website for mobile traffic.
  4. Make sure your site loads quickly.
  5. Create interesting content.
  6. Drive search traffic organically.
  7. Collect email addresses.
  8. Interact with your visitors on social media.
  9. Check your analytics.
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