Phases in Project Management

Phases in Project Management: Are They Really That Important?

When you hire a digital agency to create your new website, app or other project, you should be asking them about how they manage projects – project management is a crucial factor in reaching an end result that you’re happy with.

You should focus some of your questions around the way in which the agency’s projects are broken down into phases.

We’ve put together a few suggestions:

– Can you explain how you have broken the project down into phases?
– What does each phase mean and how do they relate to other phases?
– How much time will be spent on each phase?
How long will the feedback loop be – will there be frequent iterations?
– How often do you suggest we have meetings to discuss progress and/or any further requirements?

We’ve gone through the phases that should definitely be included in a project plan – if your digital agency is missing out any of these, it’s more than likely that their project management isn’t quite up to scratch!

Project Management Phases

This is the 3rd of 9 infographics in our Project Management Series – keep an eye on our blog for the next update!

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