Method to Madness

Project Management: Should There be Method to the Madness?

When you hire a digital agency to create your new website, app or other project, you should be asking them about how they manage projects – project management is a crucial factor in reaching an end result that you’re happy with.

You should focus some of your questions around the agency’s methodology.

We’ve put together a few suggestions:

– Is your development method Agile, Waterfall or something else?
– How closely do you follow your chosen methodology?
– How would you justify using your chosen methodology?
– Have you considered using other methods? Why is this method best?

But you should also know why this is important, so here’s a short infographic to explain the importance of methodology.




This is the 2nd of 9 infographics in our Project Management Series – keep an eye on our blog for the next update!

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