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Is Project Management Software Important?

When you hire a digital agency to create your new website, app or other project, you should be asking them about how they manage projects – project management is a crucial factor in reaching an end result that you’re happy with.

The most effective way of keeping up with the progress of your project is to gain access to their project management software (that is, if they have it).

To find out how on board your digital agency are with this, you should ask questions such as:

  • What levels of access will we have to team members?
  • What systems will we have access to that will keep us updated?
  • How much input will we have throughout the project?
  • Will you lead the project or will we?
  • Will we be making all the decisions or do you have someone who can make the smaller decisions for us?

We’ve put together an infographic to highlight the benefits of having access to your digital agency’s project management software:

Access jpeg

This is the 6th of 9 infographics in our Project Management Series – keep an eye on our blog for the next update!

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